At community request, PAKAM provide a mobile music recording service and instruments for artists across the region to record songs and make video clips in their own communities. We also support local music studios in the region (Derby, Halls Creek, Balgo) with production support and distribution.

We cover live music events across the region (such as the Beagle Bay Keep Culture Fest and Nguyuru Waaringarren Halls Creek Music Festival) and often broadcast them live on the PAKAM Radio Network as well as produce multi cam video recordings for distribution on ICTV. Music genres range from Country, Gospel, Desert Reggae, Heavy Metal, Instrumental and Traditional Song. Many songs are in local Indigenous languages.

The PAKAM music program is supported by Australian Music Radio Air Play (AMRAP) funding. Selected recordings are supplied to AMRAP’s AirIT website, ommunity radio’s Australian music catalogue and distribution service. All songs get massive airplay on the PAKAM radio network and are provided to RIBS, town stations, Gumala and other Indigenous Radio Networks in the region, as well as other Remote Indigenous Media Organisationsthrough Australia.